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how to learn HP-UX

Naeem Khokhar
Occasional Contributor

how to learn HP-UX

Hi all,
I am in the process of learning HP-UX on L-Series system.

My job requires me to use it as a test system to test tape drives with leading industry backup apps. and test patches.

So what I need, is to be able to install, make changes to the config/system, install patches, troubleshoot tape drives and run backup apps.
so far I can install the OS, run tar etc. but I do have problem troubleshooting when it comes to for example; if tape drive is not seen by the OS or compression not working etc.

I am reading "HP Cerified" HP-UX Admin. book by Rafeeq Ur Rehman, can someone please recommend a faster way to accomplish above mentioned tasks? if possible i-e to the point approach.

Thanks in advance.
Paul Sperry
Honored Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

Simply post you questions/problems here.
You will get numerous answers most
with the exact commands to use. You can
then do a man on the commands to learn further
details. I call this hands on learing. Not only are
you learning but your getting your job done at the same time.
When you do post a question please include all the details
OS version Patch Level error messages etc... the more
detailed the better.

Oh yes and don't forget to award points for those who take
the time to help and educate you.
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

You might want to look into Marty Poiatowski's HP-UX System Administration books. There's one for 11.0 and one 11i, I think. It's a little more "cookbook" with specific procedures outline for various admin tasks. You should be able to find it (and several other good titles) here:


Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

You could find lot of information from This will be a good start:

Also, go through the forums and technical documents in All these will be a good start for you and the rest you will learn from experience.
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Kelli Ward
Trusted Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

Another good choice is HP Certified by Rafeeq Rehman.
It's a very good overview even if you are not interested in certifying.
The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn. Isn't it GREAT!
Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

Make sure you check prices on as well since I've found HP-UX books out there for less then anywhere else although I admit its hit and miss.
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Shannon Petry
Honored Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

Faster is not always better. You can post questions here for things, and will usually be helped promptly. But that does not teach you anything at all.

If you need to know, spend time in your book. Sure, theory may not be required, but knowledge is.

Skimming past the theory parts may help, but the knowledge is absorbed at your pace, not any books.

Remember that in all Unices, man pages are your friend. not only do they give info on the command you want, but at the end of the man page they will list other commands that are relevant.

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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

The best things I find teaching Junior sys admins:

Practical experience with a sandbox that you can experiment with, trash, install, patch, experiment, trash.
ITRC search
An education course, one you have some exposure, SYSadmin I and II
Sit and watch a more senior person going about their business.
Ask questions.
Sit with network administrator to learn more about networking.
man pages
The documents from
ask more questions.
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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: how to learn HP-UX

One further item I forgot to mention:
Lean a form of programming. Shell is great place to start, once you are comfortable with that turn your hand to something like perl.

Here are a couple of postings of valuable shell scripts:,,0x026250011d20d6118ff40090279cd0f9,00.html,,0x836cc1c4ceddd61190050090279cd0f9,00.html
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