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how to mount dvd in hp-ux?

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how to mount dvd in hp-ux?

I have burned dvd with patches of oracle, and when I try to mount them, I get the following error:


mount -o rr /dev/disk/disk96 /SD_CDROM
/dev/disk/disk96: unrecognized file system


mount -F cdfs -o rr /dev/disk/disk96 /SD_CDROM

/dev/disk/disk96: unrecognized file system

mount -F cdfs /dev/disk/disk96 /SD_CDROM
/dev/disk/disk96: unrecognized file system

I tried several ways to see, and no work for me, I have changed even dvd. Now when I try with an original DVD, it's works there.


Please help!!

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Re: how to mount dvd in hp-ux?

It depends on the options used while burning. Some like Joliet etc. make problems on HP-UX.
If you have a server that can do vMedia, use this. 11.31 can also mount ISO files directly.

Hope this helps!

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Re: how to mount DVD in HP-UX?

>11.31 can also mount ISO files directly.


Right.  On 11.23, you have to work harder.  Consult the tag cloud:

james poole
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Re: how to mount dvd in hp-ux?

I haven't had to do it for a while, but I've used

mount -o ro -o cdcase <dev> <location>

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Re: how to mount dvd in hp-ux?

On CD-ROMs and DVDs, two filesystem types are commonly used: ISO9660 and UDF.

HP-UX only supports ISO9660 (as cdfs).


I guess you may have accidentally burned the patches to DVD in UDF format, making the disc unusable to HP-UX. If you used an incremental-write utility that allows you to burn one file at a time to the DVD (also known as packet writing), this is very likely the reason why your burned DVD is failing. Unfortunately, the only solutions are to re-burn the DVD in the proper format or to mount the DVD in some other system that understands UDF, and then use e.g. NFS to make it accessible to HP-UX.


Another complication is that the ISO9660 filesystem type can have several different extensions. Two important ones are called "Rock Ridge" and "Joliet": both of these deal with long filenames, as the default ISO9660 filename syntax is very restrictive. "Joliet" is the standard extension for Windows-style long filenames; unfortunately, HP-UX does not support that at all. If you want to use long filenames on DVDs with HP-UX, you'll need to use the "Rock Ridge" extension, which may not be enabled by default in Windows DVD burning programs. A CD or DVD can have both extensions at the same time, to make the long filenames useable on both Windows and Unix systems.


(The "-o rr" mount option in HP-UX enables Rock Ridge extension support.)

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Re: how to mount dvd in hp-ux?

A year or so ago I found a free CD/DVD burning utility which works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 that contains the RockRidge extensions.

The product is InfraRecorder and you will need to download version 0.4.41 (you can get it here: InfraRecorder 0.4.41) - the RockRidge extensions were removed from versions 0.45 onwards.