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how to print arabic reports to printer??

how to print arabic reports to printer??

I have a problem in printing arabic reports from Oracle Applications 11i. I have HP-UX 11i(B11.11). the output file is ok but the print out is garbidge although I configured a PASTA printer. is their any solution ??

Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: how to print arabic reports to printer??


If the file is correct the printer is wrong.

Exactly what model is it

Printing extended characters often results in the wrong characters coming out .
An e with an grave accent may print as
an uppercase O with a acute accent.

This can be caused by a mismatch in the character set.

HP Laser printers have multiple "typefaces" available. The printer,just like the OS takes Roman8 by default.

You can change this with the lp command.

lp -d -ocs0N

The -ocs0n option tells the LJ to use another character set.
represents ISO 8859-1.

Use your printer manual to
help you print out the available typefaces.

Steve Steel
If you want truly to understand something, try to change it. (Kurt Lewin)

Re: how to print arabic reports to printer??

Hi Steve
the printers I use is HP laserjet 5000, 4050N, 4000.

I'll be thankfull if u send me the lp command to print such a file.