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how to re-install GRUB

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how to re-install GRUB

for some reasons, I jus want to re-install the GRUB bootloader onto the MBR... is it possible to install GRUB boatloader only ?? If then how ??? plz guide me step-by-step

I have win 2k, and RHL 9 installed, already.

Second how can i lock my console(tty/x), as we have 'lock' available in GUI(GNOME, and KDE).. I mean which command is use to lock tty/x(console)

Many Thanks

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: how to re-install GRUB

I think grub is a boot loader, not a normal rpm to install.

But redhat has a doc, its old,but what the hay.

Maybe it will help.

I lock my console by using the gui interface. There is a lock option off the main menu. You can also set up the screensaver to autolock after timeout, though I have no idea other than point and click how to do that.


Steven E Protter
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Jeroen Peereboom
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Re: how to re-install GRUB


check the grub-install command.

Do you want to lock your console in text-mode?

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Re: how to re-install GRUB

Sometimes the Master boot record gets corrupted. At least I have run into this with LILO on dual boot systems. In that case I would reformat the boot record with a windows boot disk. Then use a linux boot disk to boot linux. Next I would reinstall lilo. I am guessing your case may be similar only with grub :).
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Re: how to re-install GRUB

Dear Jeff Urbanec, u guess 100%, same went with me. May I ask then how u re-install the LILO ?.

Dear JP, I will follow u,(i.e grub-install command), and then report back. Yes JP I want to lock console in text-mode.

Thanks SEP, i just cant say either the the url u provided will work for me or not, I will check it later. Yes SEP I also know how to lock from gui, but i want to lock my console when i m in text-mode. Many Thanks anywaz.

Thanks n Regards
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Re: how to re-install GRUB

Hi Maaz,

You can use Ctrl+s to lock the input to your text console and Ctrl+q to open the lock.
But it is not secure. I don't find anything which locks and asks for passwd in text-mode.
Stuart Browne
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Re: how to re-install GRUB

CTRL-S and CTRL-Q don't lock at all. They are to stop and re-start the TTY output flow.

You can still type, and the key-presses are still registered, just not yet executed. When you CTRL-Q though, all the keypresses will be played into the buffer.

To lock a console/tty, you can use the command 'vlock'.

The package used to ship with RH, but doesn't appear on my RH8, or RHES3 boxes.. Weird.. But it does exist for RH9 (if not, grab it from your faviour mirror:
is mine :P).

This forces entry of a password in order to continue on.
One long-haired git at your service...
Roberto Polli
Trusted Contributor

Re: how to re-install GRUB

To lock the terminal vlock is ok,
it's listed in the output

#man -k lock|grep -i console
#apropos lock|grep -i console

Peace, R.
Alexander Chuzhoy
Honored Contributor

Re: how to re-install GRUB

the command
lilo -v
installs lilo boot manager
the command
grub-install /dev/hda
installs grub as boot manager

the condition to the above is correctly edited /etc/lilo.conf or /etc/grub.conf

The guys allready have mentioned vlock..
So I can only add that if you wish to lock all the console terminals-do:
vlock -a