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hp Pavilion xt938

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hp Pavilion xt938

i'm attempting to fix my friend's computer. i completely cleaned the computer and reformated the hard all i need is the drivers for this to get the video card/sound card/etc. up and running. i installed win2k on the machine. where can i get the correct drivers for this? thanks!
Roger Faucher
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Re: hp Pavilion xt938


Sorry but there is no xt 938 listed. Is it possible you got the model wrong? Also, did the machine originally have Windows XP?


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Re: hp Pavilion xt938


Your unit came with Windows XP home, did it not ?

You can order XP recovery cds from HP Pavilion Tech support. They cost about ten dollars, if I am not mistaken.
If one agent cannot order them for you for any reason, talk to another agent.

Windows 2000 drivers are available for older models. I am not sure if they will work for your system. In any case, you can call Driver Distribution at 661 257 5565 and select option 1 to speak to an agent. Ask them for the windows 2000 driver cd, part number 5065-8649. It was made for all pavilion models as of April 13, 2001.

But as I said, I am not sure if the cd will work for your system as it is a Windows XP unit.

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