hp nw8240 - SuSE

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hp nw8240 - SuSE

I have an hp nw8240 and I want to install SuSE 10.
But the screen freeze at the begining, when the intall says welcome.
How can I do ?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: hp nw8240 - SuSE

Shalom Karcher,

Your choices seem to be:

1) Find hardware that is compatible with Linux. Many HP pc's simply are not, video card is the common problem.
2) Find a distribution that works with your hardware.

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Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: hp nw8240 - SuSE

Probably you should start installer in text mode and install ATI drivers after installation.
Even this report speaks about Ubunty, it may be relevant for you:
John Butler_4
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Re: hp nw8240 - SuSE

I had the same problem. I tried a number of Linux distros. Each one had the same problem , freezing at the install splash screen.

Going through a number of forums mentioned disabling some hardware options, especially graphics. I never got to that option teh install would freeze before any menu comes up.

The good news is that I have managed to get the installer to work ... it was quite simple.

I plugged the laptop into an external monitor, of course this also means that I needed a keyboard and mouse.

The SUEs 10 install is running as I type ... up to the 3rd CD.

Hopefully the install will sort out the drivers but the page above has some tips to get various hardware to work.

I'll keep you posted.