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hp pavilion xt155 battery charge monitor

Shaneil Williams
Occasional Visitor

hp pavilion xt155 battery charge monitor

I'm new to linux. I installed redhat 8.0 on my xt155 notebook. When I shutdown it will just power down it will not shutoff, and the battery monitor will not work, it says the battery is dead 0%. Can anyone help me fix this?
Bruce Copeland
Trusted Contributor

Re: hp pavilion xt155 battery charge monitor

Newer notebooks use ACPI instead of APM for power management. Unfortunately the default Red Hat 8.0 kernels don't support ACPI. To get ACPI you basically need to build a newer kernel (preferably with an ACPI patch). You can get more details about this on my ze4100 site:

Also be aware that there is a lot of variability in ACPI from manufacturer's model to model. That's because ACPI is based heavily on the bios, but there is no real standard for what the bios supports in the way of ACPI.

Finally, Red Hat 8.1 (which should be released within a few weeks) is reported to fully support ACPI.