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hp ux email server

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hp ux email server

I need to create an email server using sendmail and hp ux 11i, what tools are there to manage and monitor users mailboxes, tools for configuring sendmail and POP/IMAP packages for hpux ?
Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: hp ux email server

Hi there.
Pls check /etc/mail/
This is the config file for sendmail.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Bill Hassell
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Re: hp ux email server

Starting sendmail is pretty easy. Just edit the /etc/rc.config.d/mailservs file to enable sendmail. Now integrating it into your current network requires some thought. Do you have direct access to the Internet for email or do you have to go through some PC server such as Exchange? Does you DNS server providde MX (Mail Exchange) records for local and Internet addresses?

As far as managing mail, about all you have (without writing your own tools) is:

ll /var/mail | sort -rnk5

and look at the big (ab)users at the top of the list. POP and IMAP do not come with HP-UX so you'll need to get the latest Internet Express CDROM from HP or locate these tools on OpenSource porting systems like:

There are also tools to configure /etc/mail/ found in commercial and OpenSource tools, or you can look at Postfix and other replacements for the sendmail subsystem.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Berlene Herren
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Re: hp ux email server


Subject: Q4.19 -- How do I configure sendmail for POP/IMAP/... ?
Date: March 12, 2000
You don't. Sendmail is a mail transfer agent whose primary purpose is to send and receive e-mail (primarily via SMTP). Sendmail does not implement any remote access protocols such as POP or IMAP. But if you want to learn more about these and other (non-sendmail) e-mail related things, please refer to our Other (Non-Sendmail) E-Mail Related Links page.