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Re: hpacucli problem

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hpacucli problem

Hello all,


I have a strange issue with hpacucli on one of my servers. It is a DL380p Gen8:


[root@dagmar nrpe.d]# dmidecode | grep "Product Name"
    Product Name: ProLiant DL380p Gen8

My issue is that hpacucli takes a very long time to start and search for controllers.


[root@dagmar nrpe.d]# time hpacucli ctrl all show status

Smart Array P420i in Slot 0 (Embedded)
   Controller Status: OK
   Cache Status: OK
   Battery/Capacitor Status: OK

real    1m12.165s
user    0m0.049s
sys    0m0.067s


I have updated the OS (RHEL 6.4 x86_64) and all firmware on the box with no effect.

Here is an example from another box:


[root@hortense-host ~]# dmidecode | grep "Product Name"
    Product Name: ProLiant DL380 G7

[root@hortense-host ~]# time hpacucli ctrl all show status

Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded)
   Controller Status: OK
   Cache Status: OK

real    0m0.151s
user    0m0.036s
sys    0m0.081s



This is a rather big issue for me because of a Nagios check (check_hpacucli) that keeps failing on this machine due to exceptionally long execution times.


Thanks in advance for any help :)


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Re: hpacucli problem

Are you running a newer version of hpacucli on the Gen8 system?  Latest version is here:



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Re: hpacucli problem

Yes, all firmware, drivers and software (including hpacucli) is up to date.


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Re: hpacucli problem


I also am encoutering the same issue on a Proliant DL360 G7 with Linux 5.6 x86_64.


I have installed all the hp updated packages but the hpacucli takes to much time and the nagios check fails.


The strange thing is that on the Proliant DL 580 G7 (always with linux 5.6 X86_96) it works fine

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Re: hpacucli problem

I hit a similar problem on DL360p Gen8 servers running Debian Wheezy 7.1 / 7.2 and hp-health (the latest package as of today). The server was recently updated with HP SUM and is running the latest ILO firmware 1.30.


ILO through the browser seems totally fine. What happens is that on the command line, hpasmcli hangs / freezes / pauses for several seconds when any command is run. I timed a "show temp" at over 23 seconds, for example. This appears to affect hp-snmp-agents as well, which I believe was causing my Nagios / CheckMK checks to time out from time to time.


The solution I have found is to downgrade hp-health to the previous Debian package What I had to do was fully purge hp-health and hp-snmp-agents, then install the older hp-health by running "apt-get install hp-health=" and then install hp-snmp-agents again. The latest SNMP agents + the previous hp-health package seems to work fine. I'm going to hold hp-health for the time being.