hpgfx.o hell

Les Connally

hpgfx.o hell

I have a fresh install of RedHat 7.2.
It installed 2.4.7-10.
I have hpgraphics rpms (full which says it includes kernel module, and kernel source only)
I installed rpms
I find hpgfx.o in a directory '2.2.13'
I can make symlinks to other /lib/modules -like 2.4.7-10
but the end result is at boot or running insmod:
unresolved symbol ...... (lots of things)

do I have to build my own hpgfx.o? HOW? HELP!

I'm pretty poor at this kernel and modules stuff

(as a favor, can you cc directly:
Les Connally

Re: hpgfx.o hell

please ! who writes the readme's for all this.. ?!?!

I just found a file:
in /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
now.. what do I do with it??
Les Connally

Re: hpgfx.o hell

progress.. one step ahead.. half step back.

ok.. so I gunzip[ed and untarred the tgz. and read the README about making the module..

it looks promising, but make dies with errors: cant find /lib/modules//build/include directory.. did I fail to install something.?.

and oddly, in /lib/modules/, 'build' is a [broken??] link to /usr/src/2.4.7-10 which does not exist.

jeez this is tiresome
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: hpgfx.o hell


You are doing great progress.
First, use your RedHat install CD to install the 2.4.7-10 kernel sources.

After that, you will notice that the link in /lib/modules/2.4.7-10/build is no more broken.

I hope that will help.

The explanation of this ?

=> By default, during compile time Linux generates kernel symbols that are unique for a specific kernel version. This prevents one from loading a module on top of a kernel it has not been built for.

=> To build your own hpgfx.o, you actually need kernel sources, in order to make sure you have the proper include files and other stuff needed for hpgfx.o compilation to succeed.

Good luck.


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