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hpux vs rest

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hpux vs rest

Hi All,

What are the pros & cons of hp-ux versus Linux/AIX/Solaris/Windows??

Key points or links, anything would be good for me.

V. Nyga
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Re: hpux vs rest


it depends on what you want to do ... supercomputering, server, workstation?
HP has canceled workstation developing.

Else, a search would show you:

with much more links.

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Re: hpux vs rest

As far as I know...
[and correct me if I've erred, folks]
In High End Servers:

AIX 6.3L is said to be Technological superior to HP-UX 11iv3...Usuability wise, AIX is better..

HP has better support...

Solaris is OK, but now with ORACLE & Ellison, you never know...

Linux - RHEL/ catching up...
RHEL is said to power NYSE...

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Pete Randall
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Re: hpux vs rest

You're seriously asking for such a comparison on a HP-UX forum? Do I have to tell you which way most answers will lean?

I can only hope you have asked your question on the Linux/AIX/Solaris/Windows forums and that those forums are anywhere near as good as this one.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: hpux vs rest


HP-UX is a mature, industrial strength OS. HP is a very large company, unlikely to do anything with the product other than continue to develop and enhance it.

Solaris is now owned by Oracle and nobody is sure what is going to happen there.

Linux has its role, can cost less, but I've found it to be less mature, and less reliable than HP-UX. Quality Assurance of release software continues to be a problem at Red Hat.

Windows has improved reliability but still remains an inferior tool for truly reliable systems.

What it comes down to with me, is does the OS support the applications you need to run. If yes, pick the best. HP-UX is that in my mind.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: hpux vs rest

See this URL:

HP IMHO impresses me the most when comparing its products (hardware and software) with the rest of the competition.

HP-UX I would say can stand on its own. But along with AIX - that other remaining UNIX OS - it is "proprietary" -- running only on older PARISC and now Intel Itanium CPUs. With the recent announcement by RedHat and Microsoft pulling support for the Itanium CPUs - the future of HP-UX which now largely depends on Itanium Systems (aka Integrity) may be suspect.

I was a fan of Solaris which used to be "free" - but since Oracle now owns it, it is said to now hae restrictions. Solaris BTW runs on propirietary SPARC CPUs as well as commodity X86 hardware -- a chance the old Sun missed on.

I will be one of those however who'll be happy IF HP-UX is ported to run on X86-64 HW. Today's X86-64 systems are touted as RISC (UNIX System) killers - i.e. the Nehalem-EX and Magny Cours systems can very well wrest the dominance from UNIX on mission critical UNIX platforms.

And RedHat (and even recent Windows OS incarnations) and other LINUX distributions are keeping these RISC killers viable challengers to UNIX and Mainframes.
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: hpux vs rest


Volkmar has provided you with some seed information. From this and other queries (Google) you should be able to form your *own* value system for *your* requirements in *your* environment. You will probably find that each architecture scores best when some particular criteria is measured. To me, that probably indicates that you have done some analysis that is meaningful. As Pete said, asking here, or in an AIX forum, or in a Sun forum, etc. is probably going to yield only "good" ticks.



Kranti Mahmud
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Re: hpux vs rest

Hi UniRock,

Check the below link:

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Re: hpux vs rest

If you are looking for a reliable support on both H/W and OS, I suggest you to go for hp