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hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8

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hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8

With RHEL6.3 I've used a solution similar to what's outlined in:


However, we've started using RHEL6.4 now, and the Service Pack for Proliant doesn't include any driver for 6.4. Trying to install with the 6.3 driver fails.


Any suggestions?

Jimmy Vance

Re: hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8

This page has the driver rpm and the dd image for hpvsa that works with RHEL 6.4 x86_64


Main driver page for the Smart Array b120 and b320


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Re: hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8

Am wondering whether anyone had attempted to perform bare-metal restore via mondorescue on a proliant dl360e gen8 with RHEL6.4 installed and hpvsa driver installed and loaded?


Restore seems to be successful but not getting opcode error. After reverting to SATA legacy mode from HP Dynamic Smart Array in BIOS, was able to boot-up the restored image.


I'm see the following message in /var/log/mondorestore.log


hpvsa:module license 'HP' taints kernel.





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Re: hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8


the hpvsa-1.2.6-27.rhel6u4.x86_64 was crashing under full load every 30 minutes with 8 disks attached to it on a DL380e in my case. After switching off the RAID-Functionality in BIOS as recommended by Red Hat the B320i is now responding with "8 Port HP H220i SATA Controller build by LSI" (default linux mpt2sas driver) on startup and everything woks fine now.

With hpvsa the Raid5 was about 300MB/s fast and now with a linux software md RAID5 the performance is 10 percent less about 280MB/s. In my case I will never use the HPVSA driver with linux again. 




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Re: hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8

speaking of mondorescue and b120i controller (not P series)


I was never able to restore a bare metal proliant working with smart array b120i and RedHat 6.x

This 'closed source' driver for b120i is modifying something more than modules and driver, since it will keeping my getting a kernel panic mentioning something about the 'tainted kernel'.

I guess it has something to do with propietary drivers, therefore is kind of difficult to make mondorescue to work with this not using Legacy AHCI/SATA Mode. For the momento forget about mondorescue and b120i in 'hardware raid mode'

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Re: hpvsa driver for RHEL6.4, proliant dl360e gen8



Concerning the Mondorescue problem (hpvsa:module license 'HP' taints kernel), check a solution there :