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iCAP information

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iCAP information

Hello All,


I need some help related to one question on icapstatus output.


Instant Capacity Resource Summary


Number of cells without usage rights:                                        0

Number of inactive cells:                                                    5

Amount of memory without usage rights:                                  0.0 GB

Amount of inactive memory:                                            * 4.0 GB

Number of cores without usage rights:                                       20

Number of inactive cores:                                                   45

Number of cores using temporary capacity:                                    0

Temporary capacity available:          (negative) 13 days, 12 hours, 0 minutes

Projected temporary capacity expiration:                                   N/A



I would like to know:


Temporary capacity is negective, will there be any further inactivation of CPU after some days

Will there be any more inactivation of CPU  after next reboot. 






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Re: iCAP information

I am sure you would have got this information, but still for people who are having this doubt I will try to answer.


Until the temporary capacity balance shows negative, your system will be in exception state and the partition can`t participate in any of the TiCAP operations. Inorder to solve this you need to buy temporary capacity from HP keeping in mind about the temporary capacity value.


Question 1: will there be any further inactivation of CPU after some days?

iCAP will not deactivate cores until or unless there is a mismatch in no of cores which are active and no of usage rights present in the server. This will happen only when you reboot the server and this is applicable only for legacy machines.


Question 2: Will there be any more inactivation of CPU  after next reboot.