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iOracle error .... at linking stage

Frequent Advisor

iOracle error .... at linking stage

I have applied all OS patches for installing Oracle 9i on hp 9000 L Series. The problem is persistsing one. While linking 86% it errors out as follows :
"Error in invoking target ioracle of makfile. /oracle/app/oracle/product/"
Help Retry Ignore Cancel are available buttons on the popup box.
Server has 1G RAM and suffcient space on storage ie 5GB

shmmax value is 25% of RAM

Please some help me with this

Thanks in Advance
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: iOracle error .... at linking stage

Shalom wish,

I've run into that a few times.

The install log may have clues, much before the end to the actual cause. Here is a list of potential causes:

1) Inadequate permissions where its trying to create the executable.
2) Insufficient short term filesystem space.
3) Incorrect SHLIB_PATH environment.
4) Environment problem in the script used to start up the Oracle GUI.
5) Kernel parameters not meeting guidelines in the install guide.
6) Unsufficient RAM/swap memory total.

I have to say that a 1 GB box should be able to run the database but I'd be more comfortable with 2 GB.

swapinfo -tam

Look at syslog as well.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: iOracle error .... at linking stage

Hi Wish,

Either the patchset README was not followed or there is not enough contiguous swap space.

The README states that the 10g ( Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) needs to be installed first and then the patchset. Or the README was followed but the location specified for installing the 10g OUI was set to a non-ORACLE_HOME location.

Refer to Note Note:278278.1 in Metalink. For more details in regards to this.

The notes says in Brief :-

1) Start up the runInstaller once again from the 9205 patchset staging area.

2) Ensure that the 'Destination Name:' field on the "Specify File Locations" screen is the correct location. It usually defaults to 'OUIHome1' but this most likely is not the correct name that was chosen when originally installed. If needed, highlight the value in the 'Destination Name:' field and then hit the down arrow key to see other values for selection.

3) Select to install the "Oracle Universal Installer" and then install it.

4) Once completed successfully, then exit the OUI

5) Start up the runInstaller once again from the 9205 patchset staging area.

6) Select to install the 'Oracle 9iR2 Patch Set'

You will receive the 'Available Product Components' screen. Then click on 'Next'
Click on 'Install' on the Summary Screen (There should be roughly 90 - 110 items that are being reinstalled)

I hope this helps.

Indira A

Never give up, Keep Trying