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iSCSI initiator

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Mauro Livi
Valued Contributor

iSCSI initiator

Hi all,
I'm considering installing the HPUX iSCSI initiator driver (B.11.11.03f) in a couple of our servers runnin HPUX 11v1. Since I'm about to explore new territory with iSCSI, I thought I'd ask a couple (rather simple if not stupid) please bear with me.

First thing I noticed is that the following patches are required:
• PHCO_27374
• PHCO_28319
• PHCO_29379
• PHCO_30850
• PHCO_33203
• PHCO_33205
• PHCO_33221
• PHCO_33226
• PHCO_33236
• PHCO_33237
• PHCO_33242
• PHCO_33327
• PHKL_27096
• PHKL_27321
• PHKL_28209
• PHKL_30510
• PHKL_30622
• PHNE_26939
• PHSS_30888

In looking at some of these I'm wondering if all of these things are "really" required. For example I noticed that one was a SAM patch, others are cumulative patches and so forth, so I'm questioning if I "really" need all (or any)
of these to activate iSCSI. Perhaps I'm being lazy...but I thought I'd ask.

Second question is that on one the servers I plan to install this is uses a SAN with Fibre Channel HBAs connecting to an EVA4400. Again sorry if I'm asking a stupid question, but will throwing the iSCSI driver on the server affect the SAN in any way, shape or form? Obviously I want to leave that the way it is.

Thanks for putting up with me and any feedback is appreciated as always.


Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: iSCSI initiator

Hi Mauro,
If those patches are required, then, they are required :D
It may be due to
1) cross dependencies
2) forward dependencies
In any case don't take the risk to miss one of those requirements,
your system will be difficult to maintain and will be in a not tested configuration, and may be considered as unsupportable.

NEVER force the install of patch/dependencies if there are missing dependencies. your system may fail to boot, or cause unexpected behavior/corruption.

So follow the recommendation and documentation scrupulously.

Mauro Livi
Valued Contributor

Re: iSCSI initiator

Thanks Laurent,
Makes sense and for what it's worth I usually go along with the recommendations.

By the way, what do you mean NEVER force the install of patch/dependencies. If patches have dependencies, I usually install those dependencies as well if I don't already have them on my system. I thought that one was supposed to do that otherwise the patch may not work since it is "dependent" upon another piece...hence the term "dependencies" :)

Also any idea about installing iSCSI software on my server with SAN/Fibre Channel HBAs? Any dangers there? Anyone?

Thanks so much!