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ifalias error on HP-UX B.10.20

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ifalias error on HP-UX B.10.20

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hi, i met below problem when i try to configure a virtual interface on HP-UX B.10.20. patch PHNE_12492 is installed.

when i add a IP which is from different subnet with lan0 IP, it indicates "Can't assign requested address". but when i add another IP that is from a same subnet with lan0 IP, it passed and i can ping/telnet the server with new added IP.

in this website: ht, melvyn burnard said that PHNE_12492 allowed for adding of ip addresses onto a differfent subnet. how can i successfully add a ip address that is from different subnet? thank you very much!

***@*** # ifalias lan0 add x.x.32.x
ifalias: ioctl (SIOCADDIFADDR): Can't assign requested address
ifalias: Can't add 202.x.33.x
***@*** # ifalias lan0 add x.x.33.x
***@*** # (it passed)


Re: ifalias error on HP-UX B.10.20

If you read my response, you need to include the new subnet:
ifalias lan0 addmask 255.a.b.c 204.x.x.2
man ifalias
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Re: ifalias error on HP-UX B.10.20

sorry for my careless, i didn't notice that......thank you very much.