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ignite for linux?

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Emiel van Grinsven
Valued Contributor

ignite for linux?

Hi all,

Does anybody know if there's software like ignite for linux or smth that has the same function?

Thanx in advance.
Nicolas THOMAS
Occasional Visitor

Re: ignite for linux?


I use systemimager that provide the golden image part of ignite... and it's great multi distrib ia64 ready ...

A commercial product rembo can also be used (mutlicast & HP support).

Hope this help,
Nicolas THOMAS
Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: ignite for linux?

Personally (internally at HP), I use and recommend "mondo rescue".

The homepage of this project is :

Good luck.

Learn and explain...
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: ignite for linux?

Depending on your need of rescue 'systems'.

RedHat has a 'linux rescue' boot feature from the cdrom, which will allow you to chroot and fix most of your problems.

If you need a rescue image on cd, use mondo rescue mentioned above.


recovery is possible packet, you can get that here:
Emiel van Grinsven
Valued Contributor

Re: ignite for linux?

Thanx guys, that'll do just fine.

Grtz, E.