info memory in linux

Jairo Campana
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info memory in linux

hello, my server tapeworm 750Mb of memory but now I have 256mb exist a log that it registers the change.
the server it was reboot several time.

Kjetil Jensen

Re: info memory in linux

You could check the /var/log/messages, but be warned that different distributions can show or not show this info. In RHAS21 you could
# egrep 'LOWMEM|HIGHMEM' messages*
But that only works for a few reboots.

If you happens to own a recent proliant, try to run hpimlview (or cpqimlview). This shows internal hardware log that the server keeps. It might show you something.

Did you by the way change / rebuild a kernel lately. Check your memory settings in the kernel. Or maby you have to include a mem=750 in your grub/lilo boot just to point out to the kernel that you want to use that memory!

Dave Falloon
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Re: info memory in linux

There are lots of different commands that can show you how much memory your OS can see in a machine.

I have attached a text file with a some of the available commands to see your current memory.

I hope that helps

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