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informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

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informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

L2000, quad 440mhz cpu, 3gb ram, gigabit nic card, hpux11i v2 and informix 7.3
Storagetek s500 nas.

I'm not a dba so bear with me.

We have an issue where our db keeps hanging ( starts up fine but when we run a big query it hangs), the dbspaces are in a directory on a nfs mount.

When i try to list the contents of that directory it just hangs as well (after the query has been run), allthough i can list the contents of other directories on that mount ok.

I've check the logs and there is nothing obvious there, no packet loss on the lan etc.

Any ideas?


Occasional Visitor

Re: informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

Since the ls command hangs too, it is NOT a database or query related error. There could be a read error on the volume right where the db query or the ls command hang. Try a read test from the server using

dd if= of=/dev/null bs1024k

for you can put the mount point or the folder that has the error.

On the NAS side see if you can run the same read test if it is available.

Finally you probablyhave heard this before, running a database environment over NFS (even if it is NAS based NFS) it is not a good idea.
Bill Hassell
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Re: informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

NFS needs a lot of care and feeding since the interface is a not a real disk but a wire with all the issues surrounding any network. Start with all the NFS patches for 11v2 and while you're at it, update the STK firmware too. nfsstat will give you some insight but you should also get Dave Olker's book on NFS for HP-UX. Sounds like some protocol problems.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

It's odd i've got 3 other servers running fine.
But this server just doesnt want to play when we run this big query.

NFS wasnt my choice, we migrated from a xp256 when we moved dc :-(

We have old netapps nas, i'm going to copy the data over to that and see if we have the same problem.

But the servers do need to be patched anyway so that may help.

Eric Antunes
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Re: informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

Hi George,

I don't know how the Informix database works but I don't think puting the tablespaces/datafiles on a NFS is a good idea. Is it a certified/recomended storage by Informix?

Does the Informix database have the concept of redologs? If it has, at least, move them (the redologs) to a local storage...

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
Each and every day is a good day to learn.
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Re: informix 7.3 and nfs mount issue

Forgot to close this one.

An nfs patch update did the trick in the end.