installing PA-Linux on C3600


installing PA-Linux on C3600

Hi guru´s,
when I try to boot from the first CD all looks fine, but I can´t use the keyboard, I suspect, the USB - Driver isn´t installed ( when I search at only kernel 2.4.18xxx enables USB - Support on disk is 2.4.17 ). Now I tried to install linux with an serial-terminal, I got some ugly formated screen, unable to change...

Now I don´t know, how to install Linux on my nice C3600.....

Has anybody experience with installing Linux on C3600?

Many thank
G. Vrijhoeven
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Re: installing PA-Linux on C3600


I have no experience but you could check this link for more info:



Re: installing PA-Linux on C3600

Hi Gideon,

thank you for your reply.

I always checked the FAQ and googled also,
but no success.....

I plugged in an HP 700/96 terminal and bootet the machine with several terminal - settings, but nothing worked fine.
I can see the boot messages, but when the install (G)UI should appear, the terminal puts only control codes on the screen.
I tried some settings with no success.

Does anybody know when a new release will appear?


dirk dierickx
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Re: installing PA-Linux on C3600

before the boot process starts you can select the console port and console terminal. if you say your ouput is garbled upon boot, i think you might have wrong values here.
James Damour
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Re: installing PA-Linux on C3600

I just looked at the PARISC-LINUX site, and it said that it's based on Debian 3.0, which is sadly dated. Debian is working towards it's 3.1 release, and the new installer is in release candidate (i.e. "late beta"). Would you consider going to, downloading the hppa base install ISO, and doing a network installation? Also, would you be willing to send in an installation report (letting them know how far you got/didn't get)?

If you choose to do so, be aware that a bug with the arrow keys was reported (
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Re: installing PA-Linux on C3600


I tried a Network install with the new kernel and all looks fine.
Hoping there will be asap a new Distro, where I can install PALINUX easier....

Thanks @ all!