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installing RHEL 2.1 issue

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Occasional Advisor

installing RHEL 2.1 issue

Hi all
I have three proliant ML350 servers. each server have smart array 642 RAID controller. I install redhat linux 7.2 on two servers successfully. but when I try to install the rehat enterprise linux AS 2.1 on the last server the operation fails at very begining stage saying that there is no hard drive attached to the system. any help on this????

Vernon Brown_4
Trusted Contributor

Re: installing RHEL 2.1 issue

I had a similar problem after playing with FreeBSD on a file system; FreeBSD formatted the drive such that the sector bounderies didn't match the BIOS. I fixed it by reformatting with SuSE which could correct the problem; then my RedHat 7.1 could see the drive.

So my guess is that you might try a low level format.

Rodney McKee_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: installing RHEL 2.1 issue

I had a similar issue on some dl580s.
Try using lilo as the boot loader. Not sure if the problem has since been resolved in an update but it should get you past the problem.
Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: installing RHEL 2.1 issue


The SA642 RAID controller will be too new for AS2.1 to recognize, without help.

There are drivers available for RHAS2.1 to fix this (see for available drivers, under "Software - Driver Diskette").

One long-haired git at your service...
Emmanuel HANKENNE_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: installing RHEL 2.1 issue

Hi Dear,

To use the driver disk, you have to type, ath the following prompt

boot: linux dd

to make use of this driver disk. This should be documented on the driver disk web page as well as on the screen you see when you boot it anyway... Just in case!


Roberto Polli
Trusted Contributor

Re: installing RHEL 2.1 issue

Stuart is right.
I'm using As2.1 and I strongly suggest to shifto to other linux releases.
It doesn't support lvm too. Shift to AS3 or use RH8(is hp supported) if you don't need to be on the net.

Peace, R.

Occasional Advisor

Re: installing RHEL 2.1 issue

Thanks for every body, the problem was in the smart array driver. on the site there is two different versions of the driver. I don't Know why the newer version didnot work (this version also included in my smart start CD). it was failed every time I try to load the driver.