installing Suse9 on ia64 (rx2620 server)

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installing Suse9 on ia64 (rx2620 server)


I can install suse9 ia64 bit version on my rx2620 host. every time it prompts my to insert the 1st cd and it cant read off it. i try the next and it wont read off it either.

I boot off the suse9 sp2 cdrom and then it prompts me for the 1cd of the 6 cd set for suse9 and still the same issues. is there any gotya's on installing suse9 on ia64 that i dont know about. it should work fine as i already installed suse 8 on another rx2620 host.

any help appreciated.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: installing Suse9 on ia64 (rx2620 server)

You are sure you have the 64 bit version of Suse?

If so, I'm not sure every version of Suse 64 bit is certified for rx servers.

I would lastly check that the media is correct and readable and in the correct format.

Steven E Protter
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Oliver Schwank
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Re: installing Suse9 on ia64 (rx2620 server)


I installed recently many times SuSE9 from CDROM or via autoyast and http a RX4640 system. You should not have this problem.

Best guess... your CD1 is broken, get or burn a new one.


rick jones
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Re: installing Suse9 on ia64 (rx2620 server)

At one point, didn't SuSE experiement with a slightly different CD numbering scheme? There were N discs with one being the boot disc, but what one might otherwise consider "CD 2" was what SuSE was going to believe was CD 1.

Still, might also redownload/burn CD1.
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