Re: installing linux on a kayak problems

Matthew Hannigan_2
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installing linux on a kayak problems

Anybody successfully put linux (redhat) on an all
scsi kayak by booting from cdrom?

Lilo can't find the kernel when booting. I thinkit's because the disks get
reordered by the bios if you
boot from cdrom, but I've played with the disk ordering
options in lilo.conf without much luck.

FWIW, NT doesn't work for the same reason. (ntloader

Chuck Slivkoff
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Re: installing linux on a kayak problems

You may be running into the known limitation of LILO. The kernel must reside
within the first 1024 cylinders of the physical disk. This problem is usually
prevented by creating a small /boot partition at the beginning of the disk.

The LILO Mini-HOWTO is available here (or check under /usr/doc on most Linux
Daniel Woodard
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Re: installing linux on a kayak problems

On a PC, booting an all scsi system in Linux depends on both a SCSI BIOS that
can access LILO and a kernel that can use the controller. I have found some
controllers (i.e. Symbios) work fine under Linux but can only be booted from
the floppy (or IDE) because some motherboards won't load the BIOS, or the BIOS
options have been altered in some obscure way. Suggest booting from a floppy
if feasible; this is almost as fast anyway. After years of using SCSI-only
Linux systems I've given up; IDE drives are cheaper and, given Linux's
efficient disk caching, there is little difference in performance.