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ip printing fails

doug mielke
Respected Contributor

ip printing fails

I need to copy our print config. from one server to a training server.
So far I've:

used sam to save config from production server

copied directory /var/sam/lp to new server

new system didn't have jetadmin, so I
copied directory /opt/hpnp

ran jetadmin to set up a new test printer, it ran with no errors and allowed me to set up printer.

started /opt/hpnp/bin/hpnpd

All my remote printers work, so the sam config copy worked, but no direct IP printing. Jobs stay in print queue, as seen by lpstat.

It seems I've copied jetadmin from server to server in the past with no problem. What did I miss?
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: ip printing fails

Instead of copying the jetadmin - why not just swinstall it?

Can you create a new ip based printer?

See if that works.

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Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: ip printing fails

When you transfer printer configuration (Jetadmin/Jetdirect) from one system to another use 'transferqueue' command:

# man transferqueue

It will do all the job you need. You need to install Jetdirect software on destination prior to run this command.
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ip printing fails

If jetadmin was installed with swinstall on the original system, merely copying the binaries will probably not work on the training box.

You can swinstall the jetadmin software if you have it.

You can also do this, if you are missing software.

make_tape_recovery the production server.

boot the training server off the tape, intervene at the Ignite prompt and change the hostname and other issues on the training box. Unless the hardware is radically different, this will work. Though it is a lot of.



Good Luck,

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
doug mielke
Respected Contributor

Re: ip printing fails

Thanks for the hints. I thought I was close...

If I had the SW, i'd install it.

Does anyone remember when this would have been on the instrallation or application bundle CDs?
I could go digging in the library.

Our security stratagy makes downloading cumbersome, but it looks like that's what I'll have to do.
Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

Re: ip printing fails

You might NOT have a problem with any of the stuff you did. If the test printer is hooked to a jetadmin BOX, instead of a card, the problem may be with the printer.

I set up a printer with a jetdirect box with two printer ports on it. I had everything set up fine. I spent a DAY trying to get it to work. In the end I discovered that I had to have:
1. the printer on.
2. the printer on line.
3. the printer plugged into the first and ONLY the first port.
4. the lan connected to the jetdirect box.
5. THEN and ONLY then, power up the jetdirect box.

If I did not follow this order, everything looked fine. But it refused to print.

another thing to try....
ping the jetdirect printer you are using.
telnet into it.
can you get there?

one more thing...
If your printer is called "stinky", run these commands:
disable stinky
reject stinky
enable stinky
accept stinky

These 4 commands ussually unclog the printer.

hope this helps.