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k420 not booting up from cdrom

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Gregor Rennie
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k420 not booting up from cdrom

I have an old k420 that I'm trying to boot up from cdrom there is also 2 internal disk, 1 hass with 8 disks and a sui also connected.
when we do a sea ipl we can see the cdrom drive on boot we change the boot up to the cdrom, the next thing we get is boot hard, do you want to interact, no is entered and we get boot from the cdrom address with INSTALL.
after this it hangs and we have the INIT cc03 error, has anyone any idea how to get past this, other than calling an engineer out.
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Re: k420 not booting up from cdrom

What CD are you booting from?

Are there any panic messages or dump messages?

when you do the SEA try to boot from the HW address as follows:

P0 8/0.6.0
P1 8/0.5.0
P2 10/12.2.0

let's just say that the P2 is the cdrom
BO 10/12.2.0

record any messages and post them up.

Can you boot from any other path successfully?
Have you got any other Bootable CD?
Is all the h/w powered on?

It works for me (tm)
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Re: k420 not booting up from cdrom


are you using "core os " cd,if so check the power connection to all devices, if so change the installaion cd and proceed with installation.
never give up
Gregor Rennie
Occasional Visitor

Re: k420 not booting up from cdrom

We are booting from the hpux 11.0 core cd
All devices are powered on
it tries to boot from cdrom then has a panic showing the following error: resettig scsi ibolt:20113 bus6
reset detected ibolt:20113 bus6
system panic
9245xb HP-UX (b.10.20)#1: the current date
panic (display==0xb800,flags==0x0)I/O
after this it tries to boot from the internal disks. We even tried a new core disk just incase the one we had was U/S and still have the same problem.
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Re: k420 not booting up from cdrom

Hi Gregor,

1. Power off
2. Power on
3. After hardware tests, type return when prompt to do.
4. In ISL level, type SEA ( Search ).
5. bo from the cdrom path.

Good luck.

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Re: k420 not booting up from cdrom

Your PDC version may be too old. You can download the latest PDC from ITRC. It is fairly easy to update, just follow the directions after you download the file.
Mark E Duhamel