kernel question

K.C. Chan
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kernel question

Let say if you had chosen a pakage as a module, but later you want to compile in the kernel. Will make modules and make modules_install take the module out of the /lib/modules/kernel/....? Thanks.
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Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: kernel question

I don't believe it does. The modules install does a copy into the modules directory.

You have a couple of options.
Build a different version of the kernel. This will give you a different lib/modules directory. There are commands to rename the kernel version.

Rename the lib/modules directory corresponding to the new kernel you are building. Then run the modules install.
Once you are confident in your new kernel you can remove the old one.
Mubedi Kaninda
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Re: kernel question


As Bill indicated, make modules and make modules_install will not remove a module from /lib/module

It won't hurt you to leave it in the /lib/modules directory. If it was a module loaded at boot time and you no longer need it, remove the entry for that module from /etc/modules.conf (Caldera and SuSE use a different file) and recreate the initial ramdisk (mkinitrd for RH and Turbolinux).

Run lilo -v after that.

Hope this helps