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kgefec: fatal error 0

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kgefec: fatal error 0

I'm running a normal Oracle import under HPUX-11.0. Each time the job gets to a certain point, it fails with:

kgefec: fatal error 0
kgepop: no error frame to pop to for error 21503

There is nothing in the Oracle logs and no shortage of space, etc.

Reasons/solutions gratefully accepted.

T. M. Louah
Esteemed Contributor

Re: kgefec: fatal error 0

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: kgefec: fatal error 0

There are two types of memory used by Oracle: local and shared. Local memory is constrained by the parameter maxdsiz (defaults to a small 60 megs) and the available swap space. Shared memory is used by SGA and is more complex to allocate as it is shared with many other parts of the operating system. If this is only a 32bit program, there are additional restrictions. Start by sorting all the proceses by memory size:

# UNIX95= ps -eo vsz,ruser,args | sort -rn | more

If any of the processes are pushing more than 50 megs, run SAM and change maxdsiz to 500 or even 900 megs. (requires a reboot) If you have less than 2Gb of RAM, Oracle will have big problems with performance and getting enough memory to be efficient.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin