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imran hussain_1
Occasional Contributor



I have got a HPUX:v11.11 box which currently has 54 database's a mixture of 8i and 9i(mostly 9i).. I have recently created more database's on the box, BUT I have no idea what I should increase the kernel parameter's by.

This is what they are currently set to :

shmmax 1073741824 Y 1073741824
shmseg 200 Y 200
shmmni 1024 - 1024
semmni 1024 - 1024
semmsl 2048 Y 2048
semmns 9800 - 9800
semmnu 30 - 30
semume 10 - 10
semmap 1026 - (SEMMNI+2)

Any help would be much appreciated !


Ps I have attached the kmtune output..
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: kmtune..

The answer almost always is, it depends.

What you need to do is determine your actual use of shared memory for example and files and such.

Best tool for that is glance graphical tool gpm.

It has a nice display for showing how much you are using on system parameters and swap and another report on shared memory.

Each adjustment is important and different.

You may want to increase total shared memory shmmax. But if you increase it beyond 25% of memory, which HP-UX defines as ram plus swap, the setting will be ignored.

In spite of this situation Oracle 10G app server requires shmmax to be 100% of Ram, ignoring the OS, which may explains why it runs as it does in our shop.

Oracle has some tools at that let you analyze a hpux system and recommend changes, even during actual use. Its a good tool, but don't let it replace your brain. On more than one occiasion oracle' people or tools have advised me to do things that can only be described as the opposite of brilliant.

Good Luck,

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: kmtune..


Kernel configuration settings are documented in note 169706.1
" Oracle RDBMS on AIX,HP-UX,Solaris,Tru64,Linux,MacOSX: Versions, Sizes, Requirements Quick Reference"

which is fairly convenient and updated from time to time.
Otherwise, or if you do not have access to Metalink you'll have to consult the IG and RN (on CD or Check as well the UNIX Administrator Reference Appendix B Tuning for Oracle9i on HP

On the kernel parameters you'll might want to check with the HP-UX Performance Cookbook of interest as well:

The Oracle recommended kernel parameter setting for ninode presumes you're using HFS for example; it does not apply when using VxFS.

It all depends ...

Denys van Kempen