ks.cfg location

Benjamin Thompson
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ks.cfg location

The following is from Red Hat 9 Manual.

"7.8.2. Creating a Kickstart Boot CD-ROM
To perform a CD-ROM-based kickstart installation, the kickstart file must be named ks.cfg and must be located in the boot CD-ROM's top-level directory. Since a CD-ROM is read-only, the file must be added to the directory used to create the image that is written to the CD-ROM. Refer to the Making an Installation Boot CD-ROM section in the Red Hat Linux Installation Guide for instruction on creating a boot CD-ROM; however, before making the file.iso image file, copy the ks.cfg kickstart file to the isolinux/ directory"

Why copy the ks.cfg to the isolinux directory? That isn't the way my vendor boot CD is. Would that have an effect on the ks.cfg operation from the CD?

Yea, I'm stretching far and wide for answers/guesses
Stuart Browne
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Re: ks.cfg location

When creating the boot CD, you copy a whole swag-load of stuff into various structures.

One of those structuers is called 'isolinux/', and when you boot from that CD, that directory become the mounted-root environment.

However, be aware that a number of people I've spoken too have issues using a bootable-CD and follow on to load the OS from CD as well.

The best environment I've found is to have the sources on an NFS, FTP or HTTP server, and use a boot-net type image.

I did it by making a bootable CD with a dynamicly created ks.cfg on it (sourced by http), loading from an NFS server. Throw the CD in a new machine, and leave it for half an hour and *whee!* all built to the company spech's!

Previously I used a boot diskette with a KS on it loading the OS from CD.
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