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lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

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G. Vrijhoeven
Honored Contributor

lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

Hi Admins,

My problem is the lanadmin command. It works fine but generates a small core dump. I hope this can be resolved. Can S.O. help me.

prc55b02:/root # what /usr/sbin/lanadmin
lanadmin.c $Date: 2001/12/07 09:15:35 $Revision: r11.11/2 PATCH_11.11 (
lanadmin_mg.c $Date: 2001/04/07 00:38:00 $Revision: r11.11/1 PATCH_11.1
1 (PHNE_22963)
$Revision: @(#) lanadmin CUP11.11_BL2002_0129_2 PATCH_11.11 PHNE_25388
Tue Jan 29 12:40:57 PST 2002 $
prc55b02:/root # lanscan
Hardware Station Crd Hdw Net-Interface NM MAC HP-DLPI DLPI
Path Address In# State NamePPA ID Type Support Mjr#
1/0/1/0/0/4/0 0x00306E4AE059 0 UP lan0 snap0 1 ETHER Yes
1/0/6/0/0/4/0 0x00306E46DEE0 1 UP lan1 snap1 2 ETHER Yes
1/0/6/0/0/5/0 0x00306E46DEE1 2 UP lan2 snap2 3 ETHER Yes
1/0/6/0/0/6/0 0x00306E46DEE2 3 UP lan3 snap3 4 ETHER Yes
1/0/6/0/0/7/0 0x00306E46DEE3 4 UP lan4 snap4 5 ETHER Yes
1/0/14/0/0/4/0 0x00306E466F8C 5 UP lan5 snap5 6 ETHER Yes
1/0/14/0/0/5/0 0x00306E466F8D 6 UP lan6 snap6 7 ETHER Yes
1/0/14/0/0/6/0 0x00306E466F8E 7 UP lan7 snap7 8 ETHER Yes
1/0/14/0/0/7/0 0x00306E466F8F 8 UP lan8 snap8 9 ETHER Yes
prc55b02:/root # lanadmin -x 1
Current Config = NO LINK AUTONEG
Memory fault(coredump)
prc55b02:/root # rm core
prc55b02:/root # swlist
# Initializing...
# Contacting target "prc55b02"...
# Target: prc55b02:/

# Bundle(s):

B5725AA B.4.2.110 HP-UX Installation Utilit
ies (Ignite-UX)
BUNDLE11i B.11.11.0102.2 Required Patch Bundle for
HP-UX 11i, February 2001
Base-VXVM B.03.50.5 Base VERITAS Volume Manag
er Bundle 3.5 for HP-UX
CDE-English B.11.11 English CDE Environment
FDDI-00 B.11.11.02 PCI FDDI;Supptd HW=A3739A
FEATURE11-11 B.11.11.0209.5 Feature Enablement Patche
s for HP-UX 11i, Sept 2002
FibrChanl-00 B.11.11.09 PCI/HSC FibreChannel;Supp
td HW=A6684A,A6685A,A5158A,A6795A
GOLDAPPS11i B.11.11.0212.4 Gold Applications Patches
for HP-UX 11i, December 2002
GOLDBASE11i B.11.11.0212.4 Gold Base Patches for HP-
UX 11i, December 2002
GigEther-00 B.11.11.14 PCI/HSC GigEther;Supptd H
GigEther-01 B.11.11.07 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A6
HPUX11i-OE-MC B.11.11.0303 HP-UX Mission Critical Op
erating Environment Component
HPUXBase64 B.11.11 HP-UX 64-bit Base OS
HPUXBaseAux B.11.11.0303 HP-UX Base OS Auxiliary
HWEnable11i B.11.11.0303.4 Hardware Enablement Patch
es for HP-UX 11i, March 2003
IEther-00 B.11.11.03 PCI Ethernet;Supptd HW=A6
ITOAgent A.05.37 ITO Agents for HP-UX 11.x
Ignite-UX-11-11 B.4.2.110 HP-UX Installation Utilit
ies for Installing 11.11 Systems
OnlineDiag B. HPUX 11.11 Support Tools
Bundle, Mar 2003
RAID-00 B.11.11.01 PCI RAID; Supptd HW=A5856
perl B.5.6.1.C Perl Programming Language

Thanks in advance!

Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

please post also a
what core

with the core generated, so we can see why it gets its core, sig_sev, sig_bus...

Also: i see a "NO LINK", this measn there cable is not OK.

Maybe lanadmin is complaining because of this.

do you have a core also with boards with a good cable in ?


G. Vrijhoeven
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

Hi Massimo,

This is on an other server:

ptc55b01:/root #lanadmin -x 1
Current Config = 10 Half-Duplex AUTONEG
Memory fault(coredump)
ptc55b01:/root #what core

100BT : dsbtlan.c $Revision: r11.11/2 $Date: 2001/01/25 15:40:49 $
$ PATCH_11.11/PHCO_28427 Apr 17 2003 23:25:55 $
92453-07 dld dld B.11.18 000922

So its not the cable or the server i think its a software problem.



Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

i have a couple of things in mind:

- first (least possible) is your /stand mounted?
i saw lanadmin core dump when /stand is umounted.

- does lanadmin work on every other board ?
- is the problem related to all your hpux 11.11 systems ?

The last two question are just to track down the problem...

Can you post also a "file core" ?

Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11


Take a look at this patch,

Post Date: 03/06/04

Animesh Chakraborty
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

Try step by step first
select lan
select ppa
select 1,2,3 whatever you want

Did you take a backup?
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

I agree with Robert-Jan, check the patch before you go any further. The fact is the program works, so if there was any sort of connectivity problem it would tell you.

"When I have trouble spelling, it's called fat finger syndrome."
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

I just checked the patch text referred to above,didn't spot the defect referred to directly : did see in HP an exact match : internal defect id = JAGae69344 due to a memory fault caused due to an unititialized variable/pointer in lanadmin code.

A patch should be out this month .... *maybe* PHNE_28923 but DO NOT take this as 100 % certain that that's its name or timescale ... appologies I can't be more specific.
G. Vrijhoeven
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

Thanks All,

/stand is mounted...

Its related to all UX11.11 servers.

#file core
core: core file from 'lanadmin' - received SIGSEGV

The patch PHNE_28799 is not installed, but i like to wait for the PHNE_28923 patch mentioned by Alex. Thanks all for your time..

I will give feedback when this patch does or does not do the trick.


Valued Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11


How's the status?

I do have the same problem happened on one of my hpux11i server. Core file was generated when execute lanadmin -x 1, same terminate signal.


G. Vrijhoeven
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11


We still did not install the patch since we just finished upgrading to Dec 2002....So i an not give you feedback. Since it does work it is not our biggest proi. Will update this tread if we do upgrade.

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: lanadmin -x works but coredumps HPUX 11.11

Patch PHNE_28923 is already there in the patch database.

get it.It requires a reboot||&patchid=PHNE_28923&context=hpux:800:11:11