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Did you mean: , is it a pure "C" library or C++ library?

Occasional Contributor , is it a pure "C" library or C++ library?

I would like to know whether the following are pure C libraries or "C++" libraries?

Stephen Keane
Honored Contributor

Re: , is it a pure "C" library or C++ library?

A quick check would be to do an nm on them. If they are C++ libraries then the function names will probably be mangled, if they are mangled then it is definitely a C++ library. If they aren't mangled, it could still be a C++ library (specially compiled) or more likely a C library.

If you are not sure, post the result of nm on each of them and we can take a look for you.,
are C++ libraries, I believe.

Occasional Contributor

Re: , is it a pure "C" library or C++ library?

Steve, Thanks a lot for the quick response.

I did "nm" on the files, but it does not show any symbols. (Probably they are stripped). But the symbols are displayed when I did "nm" on solaris libraries.
I have attached the output of nm on

I also looked for files using
nm |grep FILE
This listed only .c files. Does it mean that it is a pure "c" library?

Eric Antunes
Honored Contributor

Re: , is it a pure "C" library or C++ library?

Hi Srinivasa,

I think they are Pro*C/C++ libraries (See Pro*C/C++ Precompiler Release 8.0 Programmer's Guide).

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
Each and every day is a good day to learn.
Alexey Roytman
Frequent Advisor

Re: , is it a pure "C" library or C++ library?

Generally, a pure C library differs from C++ library by 2 things:
1. C++ one may be linker to C++ runtime library (libCrun);
2. startup code (init/fini) symbols on library loading/unloading are defined.

I've cheched for being C or C++, and can not tell you about it anything. There are pros and contras:

1. no mangled names -- maybe, all C++ symbols are remapped at linking, or [extern "C"] used
2. there are init/fini functions in there, but I can not find the INIT/FINI attribute for them

Thus, if you want to load it dynamically, I recommend to do: