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libpq for hpws apache32 thread safe?

Stefan Beelen
Occasional Contributor

libpq for hpws apache32 thread safe?

We installed on HPUX 11.23 IPF machines following software:
HPWS Apache32 B.
ixPostgresql A.03.00-

The 'configure' options explained in the README.hp of the postgresql product indicates that the program was compiled without the --enable-thread-safety.
This means that the resulting libpq library is not thread safe. Yet it is used by the Apache32 PHP module when interfacing to a postgres database. But this apache is using
threads. Am I missing something here, or
did the HPUX engineers porting the postgresql
forget to think of these thread issues?

We do have a problem with this combination of
software products.
Sometimes PHP webpage accessing the database with pg_connect() and pg_query() fails with
following error:
Warning: pg_exec(): Query failed: could not receive data from server: Invalid argument

After refreshing the webpage (in the browser) several times, eventually we get a valid output. It appears to depend on the size of the result of the database request.
Stefan Beelen
Occasional Contributor

Re: libpq for hpws apache32 thread safe?

We found a workaround for our problem.
Instead of using the synchronous pg_exec() (or pg_query()) we now use the asynchronous calls:

$conn = pg_connect(".....");
pg_send_query($conn, "SELECT ....");
while (pg_connection_busy($conn))
$res = pg_get_result($conn);

This seems to work in all tested cases.