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libpthread revision-level

Occasional Contributor

libpthread revision-level

I am using an HP-UX B.11.00 A 9000/871 machine. The
"man pthread" page says that

"...a multi-threaded application must define the
appropriate POSIX Revision Level at compile time
and link against the pthread library via -lpthread.
For example:
cc -D_POSIC_C_SOURCE=199506L -o myapp -c myapp.c -lpthread"

My question is, how does one find out the *appropriate*
revision level? Any help will be appreciated.

Mr. Kiran N. Mehta
Pune, India
Occasional Visitor

Re: libpthread revision-level

Try the "what" command.
Occasional Visitor

Re: libpthread revision-level

To : John Golaszewski (and et. al.

I'm told that the information obtained by the "what"
command on a binary pertains to the _binary_ revision
level and that it has no correlation with the revision
level value needed for aCC -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE... Thanks,