linux OLE:5.5 64bit Multi-thread process only see 1 CPU

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linux OLE:5.5 64bit Multi-thread process only see 1 CPU

Install OLE5.5 64bit in HP DL360G5 with 2 processor E5320 Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor the OS see only one process $grep processor /proc/cpuinfo processor : 0 $ grep 'physical id' /proc/cpuinfo | sort | uniq | wc -l 1 grep 'cpu cores' /proc/cpuinfo cpu cores : 1 but default that I can see 8 processors!!!! I check BIOS system is ok see 2 processor!!!! please help & advice regards Hany
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Re: linux OLE:5.5 64bit Multi-thread process only see 1 CPU

Quad-core processors, so 4 cores in each physical CPU.

You would expect to see a total of 8 cores (sometimes labeled "processors" for historical reasons, including in /proc/cpuinfo).

With hyperthreading enabled (in some CPUs), you might see 16 "cores".

The BIOS is probably counting physical CPUs, not cores.


But if you're seeing only one CPU core in one physical CPU, are you running a single-processor kernel? As a single-processor kernel has no support for multiple CPU cores at all, it can use only 1 core of a single multi-core processor.


With "OLE" I guess you mean Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL), right? When asking for help, please specify the full name of your Linux distribution to avoid misunderstandings: the industry has far too many TLAs (Three-Letter Acronyms :) already.


I could not find the list of kernel choices for OEL5 (also known as "kernel flavours"). But if OEL follows the pattern of RedHat, there should be multiple kernel RPM packages: the plain kernel-<version-patchlevel>.rpm is the single-processor version, while kernel-smp-<version-patchlevel>.rpm is the multiprocessor version which you'll need.


Run "uname -r" to see your current kernel version. If the version includes only the letters "EL", it may be a single-processor version. "ELsmp" would indicate a multi-processor version.


Install the appropriate kernel-smp-<version-patchlevel>.rpm, then reboot your system. Make sure the bootloader is choosing the ELsmp kernel by default.