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harish tyagi
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linux and unix backup

give me the linux and unix backup command and full path of backup. how you take the linux backup. send the message in my email id
Francisco J. Soler
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Re: linux and unix backup


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In this question, the command needed depends of what kind of backup you need.

One common command could be the command tar.

to make a backup:
tar cvf backup_file files_to_backup

to restore it:
tar xvf backup_file

to list it:
tar tvf backup_file

The full path depends of your operating system, in my linux box the thar command is:

you can find it with the command:
which tar

Linux?. Yes, of course.
Olivier Drouin
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Re: linux and unix backup

"dump" works great for linux.

Response will be sent here ;-).
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Re: linux and unix backup

You can use 'tar' or 'dumb' to take the backup.There are lots of backup sloutions available for Linux.Like veritas and Arcserve

tar -cvf
this is the simplest way.

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Re: linux and unix backup

for Linux also take a look at next url:

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Re: linux and unix backup

We can use tar to archive all files / diretories to backup. And more we can use zip's of zip / gunzip / bunzip2 format to zip the files more.



totally 100 files then,

tar cvzf
tar cvf
bunzip2 to make bz2 format

bz2 format is more better then gz or z formats


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