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linux, cdr's and audio

Mad Determination
New Member

linux, cdr's and audio

I recently purchased an HP9120 CDRW and am looking for linux drivers if they
exist. Is their a better linux plat form to support HP products? I am
optimizing my computer for MIDI and home audio recording, so audio support
through the CDR is essential.

Also, about the printing stuff, are their drivers to support the Inkjet 820cxi,
895c, LaserJet 8100DN for writing postscript or HPCL? I have no local printers.

Help, please!

Mad KOS Determination.
Chuck Slivkoff
Frequent Advisor

Re: linux, cdr's and audio

I believe that CD-RW drives use a filesystem known as udf. You might need a
kernel patch or a full kernel update to support that device. If it's an ATAPI
IDE device, you shouldn't need any additional low-level drivers.

For printer drivers, refer to the Ghostscript documentation.
Francois Heizmann
New Member

Re: linux, cdr's and audio


I just discovered this forum today... sorry for a late answer.
I've also got a HP9210. Under Linux Mandrake 6.2, it works fine using
XCDROAST 0.98e. I succeed to get data and audio CD's burnt.
If you are familiar with WINxx products, you probably may be a little
stimied with XCDROAST. The main difference is that you have to define
a disc space for the image to be written on the mTdia.
I tried successfully something which failed always under WINxx : burn
a media and simultaneously download files from the web.

Good luck
Francois Heizmann
Jiri Furst

Re: linux, cdr's and audio

1) There is no problem with a CD-ROM. If it is an ATAPI device, then ou just plug in the correct connectors and then you can read your cd-roms via "mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdb /mnt/cdrom" (supposing that your device is configured as primary slave). If you want to burn your own CD's, you should install cdrecord or cdrdao and you can use also some frontends (xcdroast, ....). Nevertheless, you HAVE to use so called ide-scsi emulation (it is described in the documentation for cdrecord). In my case I had to recompile kernel with disabled support for ATAPI-CDROM and enabled ide-scsi emulation. Then I can use cd-rom as /dev/scd0 and I can also burn cd's through scsi emulation.

2) There is no support for DeskJet 820Cxi in ghostscript. This printer uses a proprietary protocol developed by HP. Nevertheless, you can use a pnm2ppa driver which does bw printing (see For the PCL printers you can usually print through ghostscript.