linux distro version

Vitaly Karasik_1
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linux distro version

and Mandrake has two files:

/etc/redhat-release (guess, why? :-)


Rick Beldin
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Re: linux distro version

I think it might be that Mandrake leverages off the RedHat release. The mandrake-release is probably MD-specific stuff.

Just a guess but this seems to be somewhat common among distros that hang off each other.
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Stuart Browne
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Re: linux distro version

Acutaly I think this has to do more with how some RPM's grab the distribution version details.

I know that some I've installed here look at /etc/redhat-release to see if it's a new enough version, instead of relying upon standard dependancies.

It's just a quick-hack by Mandrake to get around some people's bad %pre and %post routines in RPM's.
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