linux on pavilion 8770C

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Richard Garcia
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linux on pavilion 8770C

i installed suSe 6.4 (2.214) without much problem, although i will probably need to find a better driver for the monitor. the one i'm using seems to shimmer very slightly occasionally, but seems otherwise ok.
the sound isn't working, and i would appreciate it if anyone knows of a fix and can help on that.
as for the lucent wildwire winmodem, i seem to be making some headway using the ltmodem.o ( driver available at, but i haven't managed to get kppp working correctly. the modem is recognized and gives an OK for the initialization string, but returns an error when kppp attempts to set the sound level. also, the entire system slows down to a virtual crawl when the modem is being accessed.
curiously, the wildwire modem is listed in documentation as a PCI modem, but the PCI driver ( from gives a "resource busy" error and doesn't load the module, but the ISAPNP driver ( loads the ltmodem.o driver ok. go figure. i might need to create a isapnp.conf file to load it correctly, since the system seems to think it's a pnp device, but i can't seem to find any scripts for it, and i don't know how to write one myself.
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Albert E. Whale, CISSP
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Re: linux on pavilion 8770C


I have had NO Success with the WinModems, and the Audio Cards which are tightly coupled to Windoze.

I will stand behind and Swear with the External US Robotics and any Modem with a Full Hardware set. I'm afraid that until the Manufacturers release the Windose code (like my spelling?), that my money is on the Fully Comaptible Manufacturers like US Robotics and Boca, and ....

There allegedly is a Linux Driver set coming out for some audio cards as well.

As for me, I found that the Windoze coupled Modem and audio cards Unacceptable for Linux on my HP 6470Z, so I gutted them. I now have an Ensoniq from Creative.

Sign the Linux Driver Petition on my Web Site

I think that those that release the code will receive 10 fold in the support from the Linux Community.

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Richard Garcia
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Re: linux on pavilion 8770C

well, i've gotten the sound working. turns out that there's a pretty easy fix at

i get an error message when the sound is loaded that says that use of the conf.modules is "depreciated". but, it doesn't seem to harm anything, and now my computer makes noise on command. for the modem...
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Re: linux on pavilion 8770C

I am fairly new to Linux and have only used it once. I have the 8770C as well, and would like to keep windows on 1 partition, and Linux on another.

How do I Partition the Hard Drives so it will work correctly.

In addition I would like to be able to burn CD's and Use the DVD so how do I this?

Finally where can I find drivers for my system once I install it.

BTW- Any suggestions for a distribution?

laurent pitoiset_1
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Re: linux on pavilion 8770C

Hi Alex,

I would recommend that you post your questions by starting a new discussion in order to make them visible to the rest of the forums community.

By the way, I never managed to configure my Lucent WinModem under Linux, I will keep an eye on this conversation ;-)

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