linux system

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Fadia Almarei
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linux system

i want to install linux system ,on this system i want to install Oracle Database system ,i want to know the best way to partition may hard disk ( i have two SCSI hard disks ) Thanks in advance
Mark Grant
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Re: linux system

Depends on a lot of factors. What filesystems you are going to use, if there is an other operating system on there etc etc.

However, if you are going to use Oracle in a production type environment I would suggest you have a small "boot" partition that will be used for booting, say about 100MB (it can be much smaller than this but I get a bit worried about that).

Partition everything else however you like, e.g four equal sizes and use linux LVM to add the partitions as "disks" into volume groups. Then you can use "logical volumes" instead of disk partitions which you can happily grow and shrink as your needs change.
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Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: linux system

With only two disks I would try to separate data and redo logs on different disks. That way you could still recover to the latest status using a backup and the redo logs in case anything happens to the disk holding the data directories.

Greetings, Martin
Manoj Kumar A

Re: linux system

The best way to partition the hard drive for the Linux in my experience is.

Create partitions for:

/boot, /etc ,/home ,/ and separately

/boot ~300MB
/etc ~200MB
/home ~give large size for the Linux home Partition.
/ ~500MB
~ double the size of memory or more.

Kind Regards,
Manoj Kumar A