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loading drivers from cd instead of usb key

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Valued Contributor

loading drivers from cd instead of usb key

I need to load the storage array drivers for on a DL360G8 and see the information needed in this link.  However, by corporate policy I can not use a USB key.  Can I burn this to a cd and load it from there instead?

Jimmy Vance

Re: loading drivers from cd instead of usb key

I haven't tried putting it on a CD.


A couple of options

Attach the dd.img file through virtual media of iLO

Copy the dd.img file to a CD

You also might try enableing the Virtual Install Disk (VID) in the system ROM, it should contain the driver you need.



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Valued Contributor

Re: loading drivers from cd instead of usb key

After reading the RHEL 6 installation guide, I figured it out.  :)


  1. Burn the driver to a cd.
  2. Boot from the RHEL 6 installation dvd.
  3. At the graphical boot selection screen, hit escape.  This will provide you with a boot prompt.
  4. Run "linux dd" to install the driver.
  5. Proceed with the installation.


Thanks for taking a look and the suggestion!