Re: logging into X Window System

Jerry Grieve
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logging into X Window System

I try to log into X using non-privilaged (non-root) user by typing startx and I get the following messages:

xauth: timeout in locking authority file /usr/.Xauthority

then it acts like it is going to start, in other words, I get the X-Window background, and then the background goes away and I get these messages:

GNOME-ERROR **: could not create private per user Gnome directory -aborting

**WARNING** Unable to lock ICE authority file: /usr/.ICEauthority

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Tim Malnati
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Re: logging into X Window System

.Xauthority, .gnome_private, and .ICEauthority are files that are created and used in a user's home directory, not /usr. The system is complaining about attempts to create these files in /usr which is owned by root as it should be. The first thing I would check is the users login directory in /etc/passwd. If it's correct, make sure that the user has permission to modify file objects within this directory (needs read, write and execute permission on his home directory).
Chirag Parikh
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Re: logging into X Window System

Hi Mate,


Thanks for the suggession, it resolved my issue.



Chirag Parikh