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lp printing problem

Marc Bohnert

lp printing problem

I just switched a customer from a PA-RISC machine to an Itanium model rx6600. I configured several printers which work except two of them (model HP 4300) become disabled when I send a request that is over a certain size. I can break the print job up into multiple jobs and they print fine so I believe the format of the print files is ok. The output queue is configured as raw to an IP address. The job has PJL wrappers and is PCL format.

I can send that same big request to the same two printer configured on the PA-RISC with no problem.

The lp job looks fine. I don't see how it could be the printers since they print ok on the PA-RISC.

Could it be an Itanium issue or a printere firmware issue? I can provide more info if needed.

Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: lp printing problem

I have strange feeling that you are using net_ljx000 model script for this printer. if it is so, I'd like you to try the net_lj4300 modelscipt, which you can obtain from this page:

(search for string "4300" on this page)

download and install the script. Don't asky why but I have found myself in even stranger situations with printers using net_ljx000 model script than this. Since it is sort of a catch-all type model script, I am under the impression that it is doing half-ass (pardon my language) printer command interpretation.

Try it. Hope this helps...
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