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lp spooler problem

Trusted Contributor

lp spooler problem

I met a very strange problem about lp spooler.

I am trying to print a job through one of my serial printers which name is P9 located at /dev/c5p9_lp.

After I submitted the job, I can get the request id, for example:
# banner welcome | lp -dP9
request id is P9-602 (standard input)

However, when I use lpstat, it said nothing:
# lpstat P9
no entries

I checked the printer by using lpstat -t, it said printer P9 is idle.

Where is my submitted job?

But, if I disable P9 and do the same steps, I can see the job:
# disable P9
printer "P9" ow disabled
# banner welcome | lp -dP9
request id is P9-603 (standard input)
# lpstat P9
P9-603 root priority 0 Jul 23 17:00
(standard input) 332 bytes

I have restarted the lp spooler, but nothing changed, any idea?
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: lp spooler problem

Hi Shawn,

Check /var/spool/lp/log to see if the job was submitted. I think it was. This is what I think is happening. You have a baudrate/parity/stopbits mismatch and the job is being sent but the printer is unable to actually do anything with the data. You might try sending a really big text file and then doing a stty -a < /dev/c5p9_lp. I assume that this a direct attach serial device and not a
terminal server. The other thing to check is the device node itself. Are the major/minor device number consistant with the device.

Hope this helps, Clay
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.