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lp spooler problem

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lp spooler problem

I met a very strange problem about lp spooler.

I am trying to print a job through one of my serial printers which name is P9 located at /dev/c5p9_lp.

After I submitted the job, I can get the request id, for example:
# banner welcome | lp -dP9
request id is P9-602 (standard input)

However, when I use lpstat, it said nothing:
# lpstat P9
no entries

I checked the printer by using lpstat -t, it said printer P9 is idle.

Where is my submitted job?

But, if I disable P9 and do the same steps, I can see the job:
# disable P9
printer "P9" ow disabled
# banner welcome | lp -dP9
request id is P9-603 (standard input)
# lpstat P9
P9-603 root priority 0 Jul 23 17:00
(standard input) 332 bytes

I have restarted the lp spooler, but nothing changed, any idea?
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Re: lp spooler problem


Check your devise file. Is it really a 'character' file? Maybe the device file got deleted and it is a regular file now.

If this is the case, all you've printed is in the device file (more /dev/c5p9_lp).

Hope this helps,
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Re: lp spooler problem


This is a strange problem. U follow these and try

#cd /var/spool/lp
#cd /dev
#ll -d c5p9_lp

output should be like this

crw_rw_rw 1 root sys 216 0x020004 FE 18 c5p9_lp


#enable p9
#accept p9
#lpstat -t

Verify whether scheduler is running or not, printer accepting or not ..etc.
If anything is pending
#cancel -e

#lp -d p9 /etc/passwd

Now it should print...Best of luck

Varghese Mathew
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Re: lp spooler problem


I will go with Shahul. And if that does'nt work , then its better not to waste more time in working around the problem - wherein just go for deleting the printer and then re-creating it.

Hope this helps

Cheers !!!
Cheers !!!
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Re: lp spooler problem

to test device file , just cat some file to that serial device file , it should work before lp.
enjoy any little thing in my life
Manuel G
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Re: lp spooler problem

How did you configure your printer?
Like remote printer attached to device file?
Did you use ddfa software?
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Re: lp spooler problem


Totally agree with you, sometimes reconfig is the simplest way, especially for serial printer.

In my case, it is H/W problem, nothing wrong with my configuration, we have asked for H/W repair.

Thanks all!