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lpr command

Saleem H. Kazmi
Occasional Contributor

lpr command

what kind of lpr option is needed to specify to the printer to use 11x17 paper source
Please give the full command with an example.

Alan Riggs
Honored Contributor

Re: lpr command

The lp option is dependent upon the model of printer/print driver. For instance, on an lj4si the command might be:

lp -o ledger -d

You can find the needed string by examining the options listed in /etc/lp/interface for the queue in question. For network printers, look in /etc/lp/interface/model.orig
P V Patel

Re: lpr command

You may use
lp -o -d

lp -o letter /etc/passwd (use default queue)

common type_of_paper_source are
legal,letter,ISOA3,ISOA4,ledger, exec, JISB4, JISB5 etc.

More over

To set up default page size run
go to following options in sequence:
3) Administration
IP Address : (IP of network printer)
1) ---- Remote configuration utility
8) Page configuration

You may select page size of your choice.
Then run lp command with -d option
for example printer at is named as dev_print then you may print file(print_file) as follows:
lp -d dev_print print_file

Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: lpr command

Use the lp command.

If you have multiple trays installed in the printer, you could look at suppling the options to print to a specific tray.