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lsof building

Alfredo Raymundo

lsof building

I downloaded the lsof source, while using ./Configure i got the following error:

Looking for ipis_s with /usr/contrib/bin/q4 ...

!!!ERROR!!! /usr/contrib/bin/q4 failed and produced the following output.

q4: (warning) no modules in the crashdump or no INDEX file
q4: (error) vmunix not pxdb'd

!!!ERROR!!! !!!ERROR!!! !!!ERROR!!! !!!ERROR!!!
Configure can't use /usr/contrib/bin/q4 to examine the ipis_s
structure. You must do that yourself, report the result in
the HPUX_IPC_S_PATCH environment variable, then repeat the
Configure step. Consult the Configure script's use of
/usr/contrib/bin/q4 and the 00XCONFIG file for information
on ipis_s testing and the setting of HPUX_IPC_S_PATCH.
!!!ERROR!!! !!!ERROR!!! !!!ERROR!!! !!!ERROR!!!
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: lsof building

You have two choices:

1) Download and install q4; it's a good tool to have.

2) Modify the makefile to not look at the q4 stuff.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: lsof building

Hi Alfredo,

We already had a discussion on building lsof. Check the following thread for details.,,0x15eaf715edc6d5118ff10090279cd0f9,00.html

I did post a solution. But one that was posted by Ramesh looked better.

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try
Steven Gillard_2
Honored Contributor

Re: lsof building

Q4 requires q4pxdb to be run before it can be used. Its not recommended to do this on the running kernel, however, so copy it to /tmp first. Try this:

1. cp /stand/vmunix /tmp
2. q4pxdb /tmp/vmunix
3. Edit the Configure script, find the line where q4 is called and change /stand/vmunix to /tmp/vmunix.

Then try running Configure again.