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mailx not working ...

Atul Ram Sahu
Occasional Advisor

mailx not working ...

i want to know correct formate for hosts file so that it can resolve name properly
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: mailx not working ...


Your subject suggests that you have a problem emailing (probably to the internet from your server). Is that correct? If so, why do you believe that your 'hosts' file is an issue?


Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: mailx not working ...

What is the error u getting when u u sending mail (if thas the problem)

Hosts file is just...
IP servername1 servername2

there can be various names u want to resolve to one IP
like for server

xx.xx.xx.xx abc abc.pqr

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Jupinder Bedi
Respected Contributor

Re: mailx not working ...

IP Address Fully Qualified domainname hostname
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Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: mailx not working ...

'ip address' FQDN Alias's (* more then one alias OK *) 'hostname1' 'hostname2'

However, this indicates a problem with the Nameserver and Resovlver or BIND network protocols, and has absolutely nothing to do with the SMTP / sendmail network protocols. Related files are:


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