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mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

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A. Daniel King_1
Super Advisor

mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

Hi, folks.

Days like today remind me why I'm in Unix support.

I've got a process that uses mailx to send messages to Outlook. Outlook nicely removes the line breaks. "Extra line breaks in this message were removed. To restore, click here."

The formatting becomes all broken due to the "unwanted" line breaks. I see where there is a fix - from Outlook:;EN-US;q295014

Is there a fix from the Unix side? I know there is...
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Shannon Petry
Honored Contributor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

Your report has blank lines in it that you want to remove? You really dont explain much of the problem, so dont expect much of a solution.

A sample of what your emailing yourself would help.
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Frank Slootweg
Honored Contributor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

What precisely in the first URL are you referring to?

Do you have, as the second URL implies, Outlook *2002*?

If so, you may want to check if you can disable AutoClean on the Outlook (2002) side.

You can not 'fix' the problem on the Unix side, because the problem is not present/created on the Unix side, but on the Outlook (2002) side.
Valerie Kurkas
Occasional Visitor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

I have a similar question to this one and I'll be as specific as possible. I would like to be assured that when I send an e-mail, line breaks will appear where I put them even in Outlook 2002. It can't be hard, Outlook doesn't remove ALL the line breaks, just some of them. So what can I do to ensure that Outlook absolutely won't remove my line break? You would think that the kind folks at Microsoft could answer this question, but so far, no luck.

Any suggestions are welcome!

John Meissner
Esteemed Contributor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

you could always switch to evolution - the new mail client for Red Hat Linux.
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Jason Martens
Frequent Advisor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

I noticed the same thing with my admin e-mails from the server. I just clickec where it says "click here" and it stayed that way. I haven't worried about it since.

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A. Daniel King_1
Super Advisor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

In my case, Outlook removed ALL the line breaks.
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Chris Vail
Honored Contributor

Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks

An easy fix would be to use ux2dos as part of your command string: "COMMAND|ux2dos|mailx -s "SUBJECT"

This removes line breaks before mailx gets the file. However, this is the first time I've seen this kind of problem with mailx and sendmail. Is your command inserting additional 's that aren't needed?

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Re: mailx vs Outlook - line breaks


please find attached a great document by Keith Moore which explains everything!

hope this helps!

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