mod_perl apache server hangs linux server


mod_perl apache server hangs linux server

we are facing a very strange problem using apache 1.3.20 with mod_perl 1.2 on redhat linux 6.1 system with 2.2.12-20smp kernel. the server is an HP netserver. we changed the way web load was distributed between two web servers using rewriting engine of apache. after this linux server just hangs after random period (1 weeks to 2 weeks). there are absolutely no clues, no kernel messages, no syslog errors and nothing in apache errors. system totally freezes to such an extent that kernel magic key also doesn't work. system resource utilization prior to that are perfectly normal. mod_perl scripts don't become bloated, though we have set requests per child to 0. thanks for anyone that may help. it has happened on two different servers on both HP netserver and DELL poweredge, so it doesn't look like related to hardware issues.


Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: mod_perl apache server hangs linux server

Try setting MaxRequestsPerChild to 1000000, in case
you are running into a hang a child.

Monitor the mod_status over time to see if you see
some resources being used up.

You could be running out of network connections.
Monitor the output of 'netstat -an' to see if you
have connections getting hung.