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Paulo Alexandre Teixeir
Occasional Contributor



I'm new on this things, and i need to know how can i install my modem on my pc. what i have to do, and what files i have to change?

Winmodem's don't work on linux, i alredy know that, some friend told me.

thank you all.
Marcin Golembski_1
Honored Contributor

Re: modem

I recommend reading Modem-HOWTO:

Marco Paganini
Respected Contributor

Re: modem

Hello Paulo

In truth, *some* winmodems do work pretty well with Linux (based on the Lucent chipset). However, if you're buying a modem, I'd suggest you to avoid winmodems.

Adding a modem should be straightforward: Just plug the card in (or the cable if we're talking about an external modem). If you're using an internal modem, make sure you DISABLE the serial where your modem sits (like, if your modem is configured as COM2, make sure you disable your COM2 on the BIOS).

The rest now depends on how you want to use your modem. You can use minicom (terminal emulation program) or Kppp (ppp launcher for KDE), rp3 (RedHat's PPP launcher), etc.

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